Over January we tested the CAPIX Desktop software applications with Microsoft Office 2016 and were very pleased with the results.

Testing involved evaluating Microsoft “Office Compatibility Guidelines” and then running the CAPIX software and Office 2016 in the same environment. Most of the testing focused on Microsoft Excel and Word, as these are the Office components most commonly used with ourapplications.

We used the current release CAPIX Treasury Manager™ (CTM™) for testing, as well as some previous versions dating as far back as 2007. The results apply for all CAPIX Desktop software applications, as they are all engineered using the same Microsoft technology.

One change made was to drop our own PDF-generation tool and instead use the Microsoft Office PDF file-export function. We wrote software to export Reports as PDFs in 1997 when this functionality was not available from Microsoft, but have now moved to the Office PDF file-export as it integrates better and is more consistent with Excel and Word exporting.

Office 2016 offers little in the way of additional or enhanced functionality over Office 2013, or even Office 2010, for most users. Where Office 2016 has moved ahead is in the area of on-line internet collaboration, which is handy where information needs to be shared with other users.

We like Office 2016, especially the updated look and feel, but think it will be a long time before users move from older versions of Microsoft Office.