Microsoft Office 2019 has been released and we’ve had a chance to take it for a run.

We can’t see any glistening new features, most of the improvements are subtle and unseen.

Microsoft has used Artificial Intelligence for both a simpler user interface and  a better user experience and this largely works well

Office 2019 has smarter search tools which makes finding data easier from a wide range of source documents.

OneNote 2019 is possibly the unsung champion and for a while we’ve been looking at improving the way CAPIX software can use OneNote for storing data such as Contract Notes and Confirmations.

Office 2019 is the “on-premises” installed edition that is purchased as a perpetual software license. Office 365 is the online “cloud” edition paid for on a subscription basis.

While a lot of corporates are moving to the cloud with Office 365, power-users (especially Excel) are staying with the on-premises installed editions of MS Office.