One of our main interests in Block Chain technology is new and emerging payments systems, in particular cross-border payments that would be a cheaper, faster and more convenient alternative to established systems such as SWIFT.

Ethereum represented the second generation of Block Chain technology but is already looking dated with scalability hurdles that makes transactions slower and more expensive. Despite efforts to upgrade the Ethereum Block Chain we doubt it will be a long term payments platform.

Other decentralized platforms like Tron, EOS and Stellar Lumes have arisen and pose a formidable challenge to Ethereum at this moment but have their own limitations.

Tron is orientated towards online games rather than being a serious business ecosystem.

EOS and Stellar offer fast and reliable payments and have increasing acceptance in the banking community. However, they are much more centralised and thus luck the trust factor inherit in distributed peer-to-peer block chains such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Bitcoin emerged in 2009 while Ethereum, EOS and Tron came along around 2015. Block chain technology is moving at such a fast pace that even 2015 seems like a long time ago.

At this point we can’t yet see a safe bet for Block Chain cross-border payments, as each option has serious limitations. Our preference would be an improved Ethereum block chain.