Software for the Smart Treasury

Ripple for International Payments

Payment systems have had changed rapidly over the past decade and the wide-spread adoption of Block Chain technology has accelerated this. While Bitcoin has proven too slow and expensive for real-time payments, newer Block Chains and Coins such as Ripple (XRP) have emerged as viable alternatives to systems such as SWIFT. Possibly the Ripple coin […]

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ERC20 Smart Contracts using Solidity

The Ethereum Block Chain and ecosystem represents the second generation and wider application of the initial Bitcoin network. Ethereum allows “Smart Contracts” to be written in the Solidity programming language. Almost all of the thousands of new crypto coins and tokens are implemented as Ethereum Smart Contracts. Most common are the ERC20 and ERC721 tokens. […]

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Crypto similar to Forex Market

Our experience started in the 1980s when the Foreign Exchange markets were deregulated. We’ve been involved in all of the market developments and trends over thirty years. Spot, Forward, CFD, Options, Exotics – we know Forex. Past Forex projects have including Arbitrage Engines, interfaces to Liquidity Providers and High Frequency Trading. CAPIX can apply the […]

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Peatio Consulting

Almost all Crypto broking or exchange operations are based on the “Peatio” open-source trading platform. Peatio is the name of an ancient mythical Chinese dragon. Peatio has grown in size and sophistication just as the Block Chain ecosystem has. It is an exciting and challenging collection of software components based on micro-services. Building, implementing and […]

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Microsoft Authenticator

This year we’ve had requests from clients with requirements for increased security using Multi Factor Authentication (also called Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA). After analysing the requirements and options the Microsoft Authenticator app was chosen. Google Authenticator is more popular but we chose the Microsoft option for easier integration with  corporate IT networks. Also, Microsoft Authentication […]

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Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019 has been released and we’ve had a chance to take it for a run. We can’t see any glistening new features, most of the improvements are subtle and unseen. Microsoft has used Artificial Intelligence for both a simpler user interface and  a better user experience and this largely works well Office 2019 […]

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