CAPIX released a 64 bit version of our investment and treasury software some two years ago to an underwhelming response.

At the time our various clients had moved to the 64 bit Windows operating system, but were committed to still using the 32 bit version of Microsoft Office. We could understand the rationale for this, as there was little difference running either the 32 bit or 64 bit editions of Microsoft Office, and 32 bit Office editions had often been in place for as much as twenty years.

In the last month though, the tide seems to have changed. During October three long-standing corporate and government clients contacted us for the 64 bit edition of the CAPIX treasury software.

We’ve taken the opportunity to refresh the 64 bit CAPIX software release and at the same time migrate the C++ source code used for analytic libraries to Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. This turned out to be bigger than expected jump and we’ve had staff working late at night in the office getting it completed.

To take advantage of new security features in Visual Studio 2015 we’ve had to change the minimum and baseline operating system for the 64 bit CAPIX treasury software to Microsoft Windows Version 8.1).

The CAPIX 32 bit software application still continues to be compatible with Microsoft Windows XP or later.

However, the 64 bit CAPIX treasury software now requires Microsoft Windows 8.1 or later. Realistically, all PCs with Windows 8.1 should be upgraded to the far superior Windows 10 anyway.