CAPIX has expanded it’s established relationship with Openware/Helios of France as a Partnership covering the Asia-Pacific region.

Openware/Helios are the developers of the Rubykube/Peatio cryto exchange trading and block chain platform.

CAPIX are a Financial Technology company with twenty years experience in the Banking, Broking and Treasury sectors.

The Peatio platform is used by more than 90% of crypto brokers and exchanges. Over the past 18 months development work by the Openware team has moved the Peatio platform ahead in “leaps and bounds”.

Peatio was a fragmented, poorly supported and stale open-source Github project. Openware has re-engineered the Rubykube/Peatio platform using Kubernetes clusters and Docker Containers into a scalable and robust solution based on the best modern infrastructure.

CAPIX will provide consulting services, in conjunction with Openware, for the implementation of Peatio with clients in the Asia-Pacific region.