Software for the Smart Treasury

Microsoft Hotfix

A recent Microsoft Security Hotfix has caused problems with the CAPIX Desktop treasury software application. An error “Corrupt Query” is thrown, Microsoft is due to release a fix 27-Nov-2019 […]

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Software Market Consolidation

Recently most of our new sales enquiries have come from treasury operations looking to move to CAPIX from competing software vendors.There has been much consolidation in the treasury software sector, with our competitors acquired by other, larger vendors. Leads to a loss of focus and a move to increase prices to fund the acquisition. Clients […]

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Openware Partnership for Peatio

CAPIX has expanded it’s established relationship with Openware/Helios of France as a Partnership covering the Asia-Pacific region. Openware/Helios are the developers of the Rubykube/Peatio cryto exchange trading and block chain platform. CAPIX are a Financial Technology company with twenty years experience in the Banking, Broking and Treasury sectors. The Peatio platform is used by more […]

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Open Banking

This week we released Version 19 of the CAPIX Treasury Software and it is available for clients now. Most of the changes are in the “back-end” and are to support electronic banking interfaces as part of the “Open Banking” initiative. We think over the next couple of years Open Banking will transform Treasury and Cash […]

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Block Chain for Payments

One of our main interests in Block Chain technology is new and emerging payments systems, in particular cross-border payments that would be a cheaper, faster and more convenient alternative to established systems such as SWIFT. Ethereum represented the second generation of Block Chain technology but is already looking dated with scalability hurdles that makes transactions […]

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CAPIX Version 18.1212 Software Update

Today we released a general update to the CAPIX Software as version 18.1212. The CAPIX Azure Software-As-A Service (SaaS) has been updated. For clients with an on-premises installation, please contact us for update details. This will be the last software update until late February 2019 when Version 19 will be released. […]

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