Our Software Solutions

We publish a portfolio of Microsoft-based packaged and bespoke software solutions for the Capital Markets.

CAPIX Treasury Manager (CTM)

CAPIX Treasury Manager™ (CTM™) is a Microsoft Windows® based, m​ulti-user, integrated treasury system. CTM is designed specifically for small to medium sized modern corporate treasuries. CTM™ is IAS 39 compliant and has advanced cash-management capabilities. CTM™ automates deal capture and improves the accounting and administration of treasury operations. CTM™ supports trading in a broad range or financial securities and derivatives, including Money Market, Forex, Fixed Inte​rest, Swaps and Options. CTM is our popular Microsoft-based software solution for modern corporate treasuries -> Learn More

CAPIX Treasury Centre (CTC)

CTC is our software solution for larger treasury operations with many users -> Learn More

CAPIX Investment Manager

CIM is our popular Microsoft-based software solution for investment and funds managers -> Learn More

Treasury in the Cloud

CAPIX now offers a cloud-based corporate treasury solution using Microsoft Azure -> Learn More